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What you need to know about Logan Airport transportation
July 16, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by American Livery Service

Getting to Logan Airport is easy, right? Even when you can’t book your usual cab or hop on a bus, you can use an app to find a driver who’ll be with you in record time.

Unfortunately, while there was once a time when journeys to and from Logan Airport were easy, now things are much tougher. Ongoing renovations have resulted in the pick up and drop off points changing regularly. As a result, fewer cabs are available when your flight lands and finding a car service to take you there at your convenience is no longer easy.

The goods news is you can avoid all the drama by using a car service. At Al's Livery Service, we’re here to help you understand the current challenges to Logan Airport’s usual transportation and how you can defeat them using our car service.

How Logan Airport’s upgrades affect your journey

Like most major airports, Logan Airport is undergoing a series of upgrades to make passengers’ lives easier. While things will certainly change for the better inside the terminal, this has resulted in a temporary disruption to your usual travel plans.

By the end of 2019, all car services will need to pick up and drop off passengers at the Terminal C car park area. This means there will be fewer spaces available for cabs when you arrive, resulting in a longer wait for your service.

Additionally, it’ll become more challenging for drivers to access the area at the same rate that they currently do. As a result, more firms may decide to reduce the number of Logan Airport jobs they take on.

All of these changes will mean you’re less likely to succeed in securing a last-minute cab before heading to Logan Airport. As a result, if you’re not used to arranging your transport in advance, you need to alter your approach.

Similarly, you may need to wait longer when you arrive from your flight. There’s also a chance that drivers who depend on apps will avoid such routes, as they may no longer prove as profitable. This means you’re left to fend for yourself on public transport, which may be overcrowded.

Using a car service makes your life easier

Although these changes are ahead, you can overcome them by using a car service. At Al's Livery Service, we take passengers to and from Logan Airport every day. This means we’re familiar with the area and ongoing changes.

As we have lots of experience in taking people to the airport and making sure they arrive home after their flight, we can deliver a dependable service that removes your stresses.

By booking a car in advance, you’ll benefit from a professional service that never lets you down. We always plan for the traffic ahead and we know shortcuts that’ll help us get you to the airport on time. When it comes to your return journey, we’ll anticipate flight delays on your behalf and work hard to collect you on time.

As a result of using a car service, you no longer need to worry about overcrowded public transport and lengthy cab waits. You can step off your flight safe in the knowledge that you don’t need to drive while tired. Each of our vehicles benefits from luxurious interiors and air conditioning. Our drivers are dedicated professionals who will always do their best to make you feel at ease.

By booking our services in advance, you’ll avoid disappointment and increase the likelihood that you’ll secure round-trip transport to and from Logan Airport. To arrange one of our car services, call 833 954 8379.

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