We're Smarter Than Most Car Services in Town

This is your car service. There are many others like it, but this one is yours. Your car service is your best friend. It is your life... Haha ! We're kidding with you here ! We all loved that 1987 classic drama/action film Full Metal Jacket. But this is not the 1980s.

Allow us to tell you why we are better than the other car services. They all use the same jargon and language in their description of services but can they offer the same level of function as ours? We really make sure you are taken care of. Take a look below and decide for yourself.

My Service Features:

- Automated Wake-Up Calls & Texts alerting our drivers

- Automated Dispatcher at your service. There is continual communication that's expected by clients, partners and affiliates. As my customer, you will know that your drivers are en route (or even alread at the pick-up location) As an affiliate or partner, you too will be notified throughout the process, ensuring you can trust us and the service we are providing on your behalf.

- Automated Surveys. We need to learn, grow and develop. As our customers, we value your feedback. It makes us stronger. Without learning, you have stopped maturing. We plan to develop ourselves one day to utilize robotic fleet vehicles.

- Automated Screen Pop. Imagine if our dispatcher can address you by name each time you call us. Not only that, but we can instantly see our customer's past history with our company. Including all your calls, past trips, upcoming trips, and your most current trip. We access this without having to do anything. Once your ring us, your info will POP up on our screens. Saving all us valuable time and money.

- Passenger Link. Don't you want information? Who is your driver? What vehicle to expect? In past, you might have to get all this information manually. The dispatch team had to call your driver, find out their location and ETA. They then had to call the client back and relay all that information. That's not the case anymore. We now offer our passengers a TNC-like experience without the added hassle of installing a specific app. We made it simple for passengers to track our drivers, providing better customer service that will hopefully keep you comming back to us again.

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